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School Programs Overview

The Old North Foundation offers three unique ways for students to visit and learn about the history
of the Old North Church—including a brand-new, in-depth field trip program for 3rd–8th graders. Our
programs vary in length, content focus, and depth of exploration. Learn more about each program by
following the links below. If you would like help choosing the program that would be most appropriate
for your students, feel free to contact the education department at schoolprograms@oldnorth.com.

Once you have made your choice, visit our Schedule a Program page to learn how to book your program.

Steeple Thumbnail Number One

Freedom Trail Drop-In: A Brief Presentation on the
History of the Old North

Guides present highlights of church history and architecture
and answer questions.

Grades: all
Program Length: 15 minutes
Cost: $1.00 suggested donation
per student
Group Limit: 150 students or 6 classes

Learn more about:
Freedom Trail Drop-In

Steeple Thumbnail Number Two

Who Hung the Lanterns in the Old North Steeple?
A History Mystery

An educator-led field trip program where students use historical
resources to investigate the mystery of who hung the lanterns
in the Old North steeple on the eve of the American Revolution.

Grades: 3rd–8th
Program Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $5.00 per student
Group Limit: 25 students or 1 class

Learn more about:
Who Hung the Lanterns?

Steeple Thumbnail Number Three

Behind the Scenes at the Old North Church: A Guided Tour

Guides bring students to areas of the church not accessible to the
general public including the bell ringing chamber, second-floor
gallery, and the crypt.

Grades: 6th–12th
Program Length: 1 hour
Cost: $4.00 per student
Group Limit: 75 students or 3 classes

Learn more about:
Behind the Scenes

Tories, Timid, or True Blue Banner

We are also proud to announce the launch of Tories, Timid, or True Blue? This interactive educational website is appropriate for high school and advanced middle school students and uses the history of the Old North on the eve of the Revolution to explore how primary and secondary sources are used to build an understanding of the past.

Learn more about: Tories, Timid, or True Blue?

The Old North Foundation wishes to thank the following organizations for their generous support of historic site operations, school programming, and historical research at the Old North Church:

  • MCC
  • Tauck Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Mass Humanities