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10 on 10: Women in the Workforce was truly a celebration of remarkable women past and present. We heard about 10 visionary women from Massachusetts history from 10 powerhouse women currently working in Boston’s cultural sector. Don’t let the energy and inspiration from Tuesday’s program wear off — extend your learning!

Below you’ll find interesting articles, resources, and links pertaining to each of the speakers and their subjects. Check them out, share, and leave us your comments! 

1. Mary Patten, master mariner
presented by Dina Vargo, author of Wild Women of Boston: Mettle & Moxie in the Hub

*Purchase Wild Women of Boston: Mettle & Moxie in the Hub, which features a chapter on Mary Patten.

2. Harriet Jacobs, author of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself
presented by Jennifer Steele, Community Volunteer Ambassador, National Parks of Boston

3. Delia Isabel Griffin, museum director/national leader in museums
presented by Scarlett Hoey, Membership & Development Manager, NEMA

4. Rose Lok, first Chinese-American female aviator in New England
presented by Chloe Lin, Public Programs Assistant, Harvard Museums of Science & Culture

*Purchase the book Chloe referenced, Chinese in Boston: 1870-1965, featuring Rose.
*Check out the Chinatown Atlas to discover more stories and to learn about Rose’s era

5. Margaret Nichols Shurcliff, carpenter/business owner/activist
presented by Erin Wederbrook Yuskaitis, Co-Director of Education, ONCHS for Elise Couture-Stone, Donor Engagement Manager, Boston Preservation Alliance

*Read more about the era and home in which Margaret was raised written by Elise for our history blog. 
*Visit the Nichols House Museum after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. 

6. Donna Summer, singer/songwriter/actress, “Queen of Disco”
presented by Casey Baines, Co-VP, Community Engagement, Mass NOW

*Check out the 17 minute version of Donna’s “Love to Love You” song Casey discussed.

7. Isabella Stewart Gardner, art collector/patron/philanthropist
presented by Marie Palladino, Educational Programs Coordinator, Mary Baker Eddy Library

*Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum after the COVID-19 pandemic is over to see the courtyard Marie’s great-grandfather helped create.  
*Get Isabella’s full background here

8. Frances Glessner Lee, creator of Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Deaths
presented by Lisa Wong, pediatrician and musician, Associate Co-Director of Arts and Humanities Initiative, Harvard Medical School

*Read more about Frances in Harvard Magazine, on the TV show NCIS, and in the New Yorker.
*Explore some of the nutshell dioramas
*Discover the Nutshell Studies exhibit at the Renwick Gallery Lisa mentioned. 
*Visit the Glessner House when you’re in Chicago after the pandemic is over or just peruse their website now.

9. Gertrude Bibbey & Matilda Bibbey, progressive congregants of Christ Church
presented by Jodie Smith, independent museum education consultant

*Read Jodie’s article on Gertrude in our This Old Pew article series. 

10. Carmen Ortiz, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts
presented by Maddy Rodriguez, Senior Litigation Associate, Foley Hoag LLP

*Learn more about Carmen at her current firm, Anderson Kreiger.

Our partners: Gender Equity in Museums MovementBoston Women’s Heritage TrailNew England Museum Association