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In 2017, the Old North Foundation will take a new direction with its history blog, starting with its new title, The Messenger We will highlight broader themes and explore how Boston fits into a greater historical perspective, forging connections between Old North Church and the ideological fabric of America. We are now accepting open submissions for blog articles pertaining to our 2017 seasonal themes of Boston as a “mindscape,” “seascape,” and “landscape.” In the spring, we will focus on Boston’s historic mindscape, contemplating the ideas, concepts, and theories born in the Athens of America.  Summer will center on Boston as a seascape, investigating the role of waterways in the development of this bustling port. In the fall, we will conclude with the historic landscape of Boston and examine the city’s physical and social landscape.

We are currently accepting submissions of posts that are approximately 500 words in length and relate to the previously mentioned categories. Longer articles may be considered, but must be formatted in such a way that they can be divided into a series of smaller posts. 

Additionally, with each article submission, we require a number of images (pictures, maps, etc.) pertaining to the content of the post. These images must be free for use without legal restriction. Articles should represent original work and all sources must be cited.

If interested in contributing, please contact Old North’s Visitor Services Manager and editor of The Messenger, Tim Sistare, at with either a completed article or a brief description of a potential topic and how it can be interpreted under one of these seasonal themes.