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With the holiday season now in full swing, you may be struggling to find the perfect gift for someone special in your life. For Boston natives, Boston lovers, history nerds, and everyone in between, the Old North Gift Shop has a wide selection of gifts for everyone on your list.

1. Old North Church Ornament
Old North Church Ornament

Did someone on your list recently visit Old North, or maybe just have a fascination and love for our site? Help them make a little room on their tree for this beautiful hand-painted ornament that’s sure to bring back fond memories and spark conversation.

Old North Church Ornament – $18.95 – Shop Here

2. Boston Harbour Tea
Boston Harbour Tea

Boston Harbour Tea Co. has everything you need for the tea-lover in your life. A true Boston classic with loose leaf and bag varieties, you’ll be giving the gift of good taste this year. No dumping this stuff in the Harbor, though…save that for the reenactors.

Boston Harbour Tea (Loose Leaf) – $15.95 – Shop Here

Boston Harbour Tea (Teabags) – $8.95 – Shop Here

3. American Heritage Finely Grated Chocolate
American Heritage Finely Grated Chocolate

Speaking of warm and tasty refreshments, how about putting a delicious spin on classic hot cocoa? For the person on your list with a bit of a sweet tooth, let them ruin their dinner like true colonials with American Heritage chocolate.

American Heritage Chocolate (Finely Grated) – $19.99 – Shop Here

Shop all other American Heritage products here

4. History Nerd Hat
History Nerd Hat

This classic cap with embroidered lettering and teeny-tiny Ben Franklin silhouette is the perfect no-sweat gift for your fellow history nerd.

History Nerd Baseball Cap – $21.95 – Shop Here

Available in Brown, Grey, and Berry

5. Freedom Trail Tee
Freedom Trail Tee

For that friend or family member that successfully hiked their way from the Boston Common to Bunker Hill Monument, taking in the sights, the history, and the culture of our beloved city.

Freedom Trail Tee (Size S-XL) – $14.99 – Shop Here

Freedom Trail Tee (Size XXL) – $16.99 – Shop Here

6. Pewter Crèche
Pewter Crèche

This elegant and contemporary take on the classic nativity scene is an absolutely stunning addition to anyone’s holiday decor.

Pewter Crèche – $47.95 – Shop Here

7. Alexander Hamilton Plushie
Alexander Hamilton Plushie

Who knew the “ten dollar founding father” could be so cuddly?! This little guy is the perfect stocking stuffer for the history buff or theatre geek on your list.

Alexander Hamilton Plushie – $24.95 – Shop Here

8. 12 Days of Christmas in New England
12 Days of Christmas in New England - product

Everyone knows at least one person that is a total die-hard New England-er. And the one thing New England-ers know how to do better than anyone else is survive the winter. Maybe a little stereotypical (but nevertheless on-the-nose), these holiday-themed products will at least garner a chuckle.

12 Days of Christmas in New England (Tumbler Cup) – $12.95 – Shop Here

12 Days of Christmas in New England (Dish Towel) – $12.95 – Shop Here

Bundle – $21.95 – Shop Here

9. “Trail to Freedom” Watercolor Coffee Mug
Trail to Freedom - Watercolor Coffee Mug

What good is tea, coffee, or hot chocolate without a lovely mug like this to put it in? “Trail to Freedom” watercolor painting by internationally-acclaimed artist Misha Lenn.

Watercolor Coffee Mug – $9.95 – Shop Here

10. Historic Maps and Views of Boston Book
Historic Maps and Views of Boston Book

See Boston through the eyes of an explorer from centuries past. This book contains a mesmerizing collection of maps, paintings, photographs, and more to show the transformation and expansion that occurred to create the Boston we know today.

Historic Maps and Views of Boston Book – $19.95 – Shop Here

11. Wild Women of Boston Book
Wild Women of Boston Book

Pirates, activists, and athletes, oh my! The perfect gift for someone who, like the women in this book, refuses to do things by the book.

Wild Women of Boston: Mettle and Moxie in the Hub – $19.99 – Shop Here

12. Renaissance Hand-Crafted Earrings
Renaissance Hand-Crafted Earrings

Stunning jewelry that won’t break the bank? Yes, please! Hand-crafted in Asheville, North Carolina, these drop earrings are perfect for even the most fashionable on your list.

Renaissance Earrings (Rectangle Drop) – $24.95 – Shop Here

Available in Red and Blue

Happy Holidays from all of us at Old North!