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Reciprocity Collaborative

Over the past 5 months Old North has been honored to embark on a new and innovative partnership between the historic site and Reciprocity Collaborative.

Over the past 5 months Old North has been honored to embark on a new and innovative partnership between the historic site and Reciprocity Collaborative.

Reciprocity Collaborative is an interdisciplinary group of creative professionals that investigate how we use and relate to space through music, dance, and the visual arts. The Collaborative was founded in 2012 and has worked with musicians, dancers, choreographers, visual artists, composers, social practice artists, cinematographers, and creative technologists. They have previously partnered with the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the MIT Media Lab, and many more. 

Their current project, SITE, creates site-specific performances inspired by history and informed by the way visitors move through and experience Old North Church. Reciprocity’s creative residency at Old North offers a revolutionary new way of visualizing this historic site.

On May 21 Reciprocity will host their culminating Open Investigation event in the church and invites the public to join them to explore the space through movement and sound. Responding to prompts about how the space is used, how we can respond to it in different and individual ways, as well as how we collectively respond to its purpose and architecture, Reciprocity artists will lead participants in this expressive investigation. Informed by smaller explorations that have included movement, sound, and interaction with visitors and staff, this event is meant to help us experience Old North through a more visceral and sensory lens. 

Watch this introductory video of the partnership between Reciprocity Collaborative and Old North Church below and join us on May 21!