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By Bernard Trubowitz

“Listen my children, and you shall hear…” Longfellow spoke to generations of Americans with his poem. Every Sunday for 293 years, the reverend has climbed up the pulpit and delivered a sermon. Seven days a week, our educators deliver short lectures on April 18th, 1775, and the church’s wide-ranging history.

But what about you?

Everyone has a voice and a story to tell, and with the return of the Sounding Board, you can share that voice with us and other visitors! Like its namesake, the sounding board serves to project your words, making your voice heard. Look for the distinctive, large blue board inside the church, and read the question it poses. Write your answer using the pens and notepaper provided, and pin it on! We’ll ask a different question each month, related to a different object or aspect of the church’s history. Your answers won’t just be seen by other visitors; we’ll post some of our favorites responses right here on our website! If you cannot make the visit to Old North in person, please comment below with your response.

Sounding board