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Choral Group
Songs of Liberty

Songs of Liberty Choral Group

 For choral groups that would like to perform at Old North Monday – Saturday, we welcome singers of all ages to join in a musical discussion on the meaning of liberty in our time. We invite your choral group to offer your words in song to begin a conversation that many have difficulty articulating. The Old North Church offers a place to consider how liberty and the values espoused by the Old North are best represented in contemporary society. Are we living up to the ideals of liberty for which so many have struggled or do we need a new call to action? Please join us and fill this church with music the world needs to hear! Choral groups are asked to complete their performances within 30-45 minutes. All performances must take place at noon on the scheduled date and must be sung a cappella. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate musical instruments due to the size of our performance space. We can make exceptions depending on the size of the group. The church does not have a piano. For performance requests and guidelines, please email Tim Sistare, Visitor Services Manager, at Submission forms and information for performances are required one month in advance. If your group would like to extend your Old North experience, check out our Behind-the-Scenes Tour. We’d be happy to book a tour for your group at 1pm if the time slot is available!

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