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Two If By Sea: The Case Of The Lantern Holders

In this new digital game for history sleuths, we challenge players to help us solve the mystery that has puzzled historians and visitors alike for the last 245 years: who hung the lanterns in Old North’s steeple on the night of April 18, 1775?


During gameplay you’ll assess persons of interest, review case files, “case the joint,” and examine primary & secondary sources—just like a real detective! The Society of Unsung Heroes is depending on your investigative skills to get to the bottom of this history mystery. Can you uncover the puzzling truth behind one of the most significant events of Old North’s past?


Designed for anyone who loves history and the satisfaction of solving a complex mystery, Two if By Sea is a fun and dramatic brain-teaser of a game suitable for all ages.

The cost to play is $5.00 and all proceeds support continued educational and digital programming. Click below to purchase and the link to play will be highlighted in yellow at the bottom of the receipt emailed to you after purchase. Ready to jump into a nearly 250-year old historic whodunnit?

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