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Old North’s Mini Courses

Has it been awhile since your high school history classes? Have you been watching too many historically inaccurate movies or TV shows? Or maybe you’re just looking for some old-fashioned intellectual stimulation? Then look no further than Old North’s Mini Courses! Each month we will offer a new mini-course on a variety of topics for all the couch-based learners out there. What’s not required: registration, a specific digital platform, hours of your time, quizzes, or grades. What is required: a love of reading, an interest in or curiosity about historical topics, and an open mind.

#1 – A Crash Course in the American Revolution

#2 – Preservation at Work, an Insider’s Look

#3 – Beneath Old North, or, Digging up Stuff Is Cool

#4 – Maritime Mania

#5 – The North End, a Historic Neighborhood in Context

99% Sure Web Series

Introducing Old North’s web series, “99% Sure” all about the history, people, and events that made Old North the legendary historic site you know and love. Our Education Manager and intrepid public historian TJ Todd explores some of our most frequently asked questions and shares some of his favorite stories and facts about Old North. History and research can be tricky business, but we’re 99% Sure that everything you hear in this series is true. Check out all of Season 1 here, or click to watch each episode below!

Ep 1: Who Held the Lanterns in the Steeple of Old North?

Ep 2: Interpreting Longfellow’s “Paul Revere’s Ride”

Ep 3: Who Built Old North?

Ep 4: Is That Original?

Ep 5: The Curious Case of General Gage

Ep 6: The History of Old North’s Crypt

Ep 7: The Atlantic Logwood Trade

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