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Prince's Prowl

First time at Old North Church? Here with kids? Or want to experience the site on your own? Play the game Prince’s Prowl on your mobile device!

“Hi! I’m Prince the cat. Old North Church is one of my favorite places to hang out. Join me on the hunt for all the cool things you might normally miss. Come on! My game takes only about 20 minutes to play on your mobile device.”


About the Game


Prince’s Prowl is an object-based interactive game for mobile devices designed to encourage intergenerational learning in a fun and quirky way at the Old North Church. Prince the cat, a North End neighborhood celebrity and widely photographed feline (#wheresprince), plays virtual host as he takes visitors on the hunt for treasures inside the historic church. Prince’s Prowl focuses on unique objects often overlooked by visitors and purposefully excludes any mention of Paul Revere’s ride in order to demonstrate the interesting hidden stories in items like foot warmers, flags, and 17th century Baroque wooden angels. The challenges include multiple choice questions, photos and selfies, and creative open answer. Recently featured in The Boston Globe, the game results from a project originally begun by Phillippa Pitts (now with the Portland Museum of Art) and finished by Old North’s Director of Education Erin Wederbrook Yuskaitis and Green Door Lab‘s Kellian Adams. Stop by to play with your friends or family!

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193 Salem St
Boston, MA 02113

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