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Old North Church’s historical records are housed and preserved at the Massachusetts Historical Society, available to scholars, students, and the broader community for research. Please contact the Massachusetts Historical Society if you wish to search records, research family members, or learn more about how you can access our archives.

The Following Are Included in the Massachusetts Historical Society Collection:
  • History of the congregation
  • Materials related to the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem and the evolution of the Paul Revere legend
  • Construction documents, including designs, labor, and material receipts
  • Pew records
  • Meeting minutes: Vestry, Proprietors’ and Wardens’ meetings
  • Vital records: Baptism, Marriage, and Burial
Areas of Research Interest Include, but Are Not Limited To:
  • African-Americans at Old North
  • Women at Old North
  • The 1912 Colonial Revival restoration of the interior of the Church
  • Pew records
  • The rise of the Paul Revere legend
  • Anglicans in Colonial Boston
  • Old North and the changing populations of Boston’s North End

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