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Our Vision, Mission & Core Beliefs

Old North Illuminated embarked on a strategic planning process in late 2020, with support from the National Park Foundation. The plan defines the set of core beliefs that underpin our organization’s programs and operations in the build-up to the 300th anniversary of the church’s founding in 2023 and the 250th anniversary of the lantern signals in 2025. The themes of active citizenship, sacrifice, courage, patriotism, and hope weave together nearly 300 years of history, from the church’s founding in 1723 to the present day. We are excited to share our guiding principles with you.
The Old North Church steeple at night,
Old North Illuminated’s Vision

Our vision describes the world in which we want to live.

Old North Illuminated envisions a future in which everyone will see their stories, struggles, and hopes reflected in places of prominence and our shared American history. Everyone will have the wisdom, tools, access, and passion necessary to build inclusive and equitable communities.

The interior of the Old North Church.
Old North Illuminated’s Mission

Our mission statement describes how Old North Illuminated is going to contribute to creating the world in which our vision is realized.

Old North Illuminated inspires active citizenship and courageous, compassionate leadership by interpreting and preserving the Old North Church & Historic Site.

The Third Lantern at the Old North Church.
Old North Illuminated’s Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs articulate the beliefs on which our programmatic work, operations, and partnerships are based and carried out.

Old North Illuminated believes that:

  • Bravery, patriotism, and active citizenship come in many forms. These acts can inspire both large-scale and local change.
  • Education and respectful dialogue are key to building a more perfect union that reflects the promise of liberty and justice for all.
  • Becoming an anti-racist organization will require active engagement with the history of slavery at Old North Church and the the painful legacy of slavery and the ongoing reality of racism in our country.
  • By preserving and sharing history, space, and stories, we shape our future.

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