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Revolution’s Edge

An Original Theatrical Work Commissioned by Old North Illuminated
Produced by Plays in Place

Running Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
June 15 – September 19
Seating starts at 5pm

Revolution’s Edge takes us to the afternoon of April 18, 1775, hours before the signal lanterns would shine from Old North’s steeple. With war on the horizon, Old North’s Loyalist rector, the Rev. Dr. Mather Byles Jr., is pushed to ‘resign’ his post. As Byles and Cato (an African man enslaved by Byles) prepare to leave the church for the final time, they encounter Capt. John Pulling Jr., a prominent member of the church congregation, ardent Patriot, and friend of Paul Revere. These three men share a faith but have very different beliefs concerning the right path ahead for themselves, their families, and the colonies. Their conversation explores the intersection of faith and freedom on the edge of the American Revolution.

AP News wrote an excellent profile on the theater piece.

The performance is approximately 45 minutes. Seating for the play starts at 5pm, and the show begins promptly at 5:20pm. Ticket holders are welcome to come before 5pm to enjoy a complimentary self-guided tour of Old North Church’s sanctuary.

We have a limited number of assisted listening devices available for audience members. Please let one of our staff know when you enter the church and we will provide you with one.

$20 – Adults
$10 – Under 18 years old 
Recommended for ages 12 and up 

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